Dec. 30th, 2010

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Yup, finally, here's my recs post for stories I enjoyed this Yuletide. It was a good one! First, I want to rec the two wonderful stories that were given to me this year. Because they are wonderful. ♥

Persuasion to Joy
Fandom: Huâ Mùlán | Mulan (2009)

A wonderful take on what happens after the movie, through the eyes of the Princess of Rouran, or the new Empress of Wei. We get a beautiful insight into her character, how she deals with her new life and how she relates to the other characters. It rings so true and complements canon perfectly. ♥ I particularly loved her sassy maid and the end scene. Ohh, the end scene.

This is definitely everything I wanted for Yuletide.

Two Wet Swallows
Fandom: Kaze Hikaru

This is a lovely little piece, an in-between scene between Sei and Okita. It's so sweet and so them and so adorable... and it has a picture by Utamaro! "Kamiya-sannn, you're so mean to me" will NEVER get old. ♥ I am so happy that I got this as a treat.

And now on to the others:

Recs for 20th Century Boys, Heian Period RPF, Fairy Tales, Journey to the West and The Twelve Kingdoms )


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