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Hello, my dear Yuletide writer!

So you have been saddled with the daunting task of fulfilling my weird fandom wishes. But never fear! You will do amazing. ♥ I'll even help, with this letter (finally). First, some of the general likes and dislikes of mine! Anything you write will make me super happy just because you wrote it for me, and I know how heartbleeding-soulsquelching Yuletide writing can be. But I am especially pleased with things that deal with characters and emotions, that have character-based humor or alternately, plenty of angst; I love female-centric fiction in which Women Do Stuff and are portrayed with agency and a certain amount of complexity. I am also very open to porn fic, so if you wanna go that road, bring it! The only things I really do not like are glaring, uncritically presented -isms, but I'm not especially worried about this. You don't need to write a complicated plot or anything, I'm happy with slice-of-life character-centric fic. Though you're welcome to if you prefer that!

Now. On to the requests:

Mugen no Juunin | Blade of the Immortal

Because you can never have too much Rin/Anotsu (though this doesn't need to be shippy). I'd especially like something set in more recent arcs, if you can at all manage! Though really, anything is possible. From imagined chance meetings as children to Everyone Is Really A Rapper AUs, whatever you can come up with is awesome in my book.

Just what it says in the request! I love Rin's interactions with Anotsu, the way they push each other's buttons, make each other think, surprise and KEEP SAVING each other. Pretty much any angle with these two is fine by me, as long as it's not "Rin is dumb and needs to be taught better by Anotsu". Which I know is sometimes Anotsu's perspective, so as long as this is a character thing as opposed to The Moral Of The Story, it's fine. Except for that, go wild. Humor, shippy, cracky, angsty, philosophical, life-changing, etc., I love them all. If you're up to recent spoilers and wanna do something with that, I'll be especially happy, but just baaarely more than about anything else.

Brave (2012

I would very much to like more about the Witch! What did she do before the movie, or what after? How did the Mordu thing happen? How does she view the events? Or maybe Merida finds her post-movie and they have a big "you turned my mother into a bear" showdown?

Again, I think the request is pretty restrictive. I just thought the Witch was very cool, funny and interesting. I love these kind of quirky characters, and it's a shame we never got to know more about her. So I'd like you to tell me more! Her life, her experiences, or maybe yet more quirks? Maybe she's gone on adventures of her own in her youth? Did she even have a youth? What kind of people has she met and/or cursed in the past? I'd also love it if you could incorporate Merida or Elinor, though that is entirely up to you.

Life (manga)

Now for something specific: I would very much like pairing fic between these two. If that's not your cuppa, I'm also very happy about friendship fic!

I just think Ayumu and Miki have so much potential for a ship; they have so much instant chemistry and affection and connection. They stand strong together against adversity and build each other up. The only restriction is that it's not a yuri manga! But having said all that, it's also a beautiful friendship to write about. Either way, some scene(s) of Ayumu and Miki would make me very happy.

So, these are my requests! I hope they have helped you out. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact me through the Yuletide mods or by leaving an anonymous comment here. Happy writing, and thank you so much! ♥

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