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Dear Yuletide Letter

Hello, dear Yuletide writer!

First off, thank you for writing me a story! I'm sure that whatever you choose to write, I will be happy with it, and I am very much looking forward to it. ♥

Now, to my requests... I must admit I kind of did them in a hurry, and I'm sorry this letter is a bit late! I'll try to elaborate here as well as I can.

But before that, general things I like in stories are introspection, character development, character-driven humor, wacky out-there humor, ladies doing stuff (ANY stuff), emotional tension, unlikely team-ups, awkwardness, adorability, characters bickering or even clashing, exploration of meta-narrative issues (for example, what if Rin is directly confronted with Magatsu's hate of the samurai class, which she belongs to?), characters trolling other characters ... all that kind of fun stuff. If it's well-written, it doesn't need to be all that spectacular, though I have nothing against spectacular things, either! Pretty much the only things I am violently opposed to are character/pairing bashing and EXTREME!! uncritically presented -isms. Beyond that, anything goes! Pairing-wise, I'm pretty much a multi-shipper, so do your worst.

Blade of the Immortal

Here I chose Rin as a character because... well, she is my favorite character! And I can never have too much Rin-fic! And I thought I was required to name at least one character. Ahem. I wrote "the sky's the limit" in my request, and well, that much is true! I love Blade of the Immortal and nearly all aspects to it, so it's not hard to make me happy with a fic set in this fandom. You can take one of the suggestions I gave you, which admittedly are things I'd like to see, to maybe give you a bit of an idea or an inspiration. If you have a better idea, though, by all means run with it. The only thing I would be opposed to is Shira being paired up with anyone else *shudder*. Beyond a very one-sided gurocrush on Manji.

GUNNM | Battle Angel Alita

Again, I go with the main character, and I'd like it if she were featured in the fic, but beyond that, anything is possible! Plotty fic, introspective fic, gen fic, shippy fic, canon pairings or off-the-wall things -- I'd just be super glad about fanfic in this! As I said, I'd especially love fic set in Last Order, maybe involving other characters such as Zazie, Caerula, or Sechs, simply because I don't think there is much Last Order fic out there -- and since that's a lot of the reason, original series fic would make me a very happy recipient as well! (All the exclamation marks. I AM EXCITABLE.) And, ahh, I will be TOTALLY SATISFIED if you decide to just take a theme from canon and run with it, because Alita/Gally has such a beautiful, beautiful character arc and I love it and wanna squish it and call it George. *-*;;; Ahem. (As a side note, use the names you want to use. ♥)

Dennō Coil

This is a fairly new fandom for me! And what can I say, I love it to bits. Everything about it. I think the technology is very fascinating, so if you could do something with it, that would be lovely, but the characters themselves and their relationship(s) are SO INTERESTING themselves, so a character-driven fic would also be incredibly wonderful. I would not mind shippy fic if you're inclined that way! But it's a take-it-or-leave-it thing, as the Yuukos have quite the intriguing relationship as is. Maybe they need to team up on something? Maybe they get older and decide to be friends (or something completely different) after all? Maybe they learn to manage their Imago powers together? Maybe they just run into each other by chance? Again, the sky's the limit. :) I will say one thing, though: bonus points for Mojos.


At last, Fantaghirò. This one sticks out among my chosen fandoms a bit since it's the one that most obviously screams MY CHILDHOOD!! And I'm usually not so much with the fanfic for those things, but obviously I decided to give it a go with this one this year. I feel it's one of the things where I don't mind so much! So in spite of what I just said, don't worry about messing things up. I listed Fantaghirò and the White Witch as characters, but in retrospect I realize this may not be so easy a task, so it's fine if the the White Witch doesn't play so major a role! To give you some ideas, though, maybe there is a "missing scene" during the first movie? Maybe they get up to some good old master-pupil shenanigans later on? Maybe when Fantaghirò is a bit older, they either have shenanigans or look back on what was? Or maybe you want to focus on the White Witch herself? As with ideas tossed around before, all of these are 100% optional and just named in hopes of helping you along a bit. :) IDK I feel my requests are kind of out there, so I'm trying to provide some possible prompts, ahah.

Hope all this babbling helps you a bit! Again, sorry for the late, and I will be happy about absolutely anything you write for me! Happy Yuletide, happy holidays, and all the nice things for you. ♥

- Kikoujutsuka