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I've been translating some of dat BotI volume, to see what the hell was up with that.

It's not really any revelation. The guy who rapes Hyakurin is some snotty Ittō-ryū upstart who is not even apologetic about what he's doing. He goes telling her his whole backstory, which is such that he really wanted to rape his stepmother, but was found out by his brother and kicked out of the house. He plans to, err, make good on that in the future and considers Hyakurin "practice material". The fact that she's pregnant seems to only egg him on.

Luckily, Mitake slices his head in half before he gets too far. Of course, there's the obligatory Hyakurin Thinking About How Awful This Is But Being Unable To Do Anything (well, he WAS sitting on her and threatening her with a sword), and also Hyakurin Thinking About Her Baby. (Haven't been able to translate this very accurately yet.) Oh, and she also thinks about how she promised not to get involved in battle.

So. Yeah. Ugh.

On a slightly brighter note, I downloaded a post-vol. 27 chapter (198) aaand at the end of it, guess who appears! *drumrooool* ... it's Makie! Pike in hand and all. It's just some four pages and she doesn't have a lot of dialogue, so I have no idea how this is gonna play out. I'm just going "Samura, PLEASE don't mess this up" with baited breath here.