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Title: A Long Month
Fandom: Blade of the Immortal
Pairing: Dōa/Rin
Rating: PG-13, girls kissing.
Note: Repost from older post, because that one contained too much personal babble to be linked anywhere.

It started as a fight about food. Dōa freely helped herself off Rin’s table, which soon pushed Rin beyond just strainedly ignoring it. Snappy words were exchanged until Rin said the wrong thing.

“I really don’t know how Isaku puts up with you”, she said.

Dōa just stared for a moment. Then a primal hiss erupted from her mouth and before Rin knew what was happening, Dōa had her on the ground with one small hand grasping onto strands of her hair and the other wildly moving, scratching with those sharp nails, and Rin yelped in pain while trying to fight Dōa off.

It had been a long day. A long week. A long month.

In the end, Rin pressed Dōa to her chest to restrain her, and Dōa’s struggles faded into nothing as she just lay there and started clinging to Rin, who could feel the small body quivering in her arms. She couldn’t really do anything but stare at the ceiling herself, as if in a sort of paralysis.

Time had come to a halt here.

– and so Rin really couldn’t have said when they began kissing; Dōa’s lips on hers, with little expertise and a lot of feeling not quite coming through to the surface. Not that Rin could tell, about the expertise thing, but she made a vague guess that this probably wasn’t it – in the moment that she could think, because she wasn’t doing a lot of that. Instead, she grabbed Dōa’s kimono, just the flaps of her sleeves, and kissed back; clumsy, unsure, and not quite wondering where they were going with this.

They moved a little against each other, and Dōa whimpered into Rin’s mouth. Her tongue followed, pushing urgently. Rin’s legs shivered and she felt lighter.

Somewhere far away, around her foot, the tatami was wet because they had knocked over a table – Rin’s, of course – and spilled the soup, but that didn’t really matter, and it didn’t matter so much when Dōa started biting Rin’s lip, not gently, but fiercely, because it oddly fueled the feeling that was building up somewhere in Rin’s body and the recesses of her mind.

They started to entwine their legs, slinging arms so as to hold the other just a bit tighter, somehow managing to rub against each other despite limbs being in all the wrong places, elbows poking against ribs and knees against thighs.

She was still floating when Dōa pulled her hair so hard that she screamed and aimlessly waved her hand somewhere in the direction of the offender, but then Dōa stopped and looked at her, and Rin looked back, and they stayed like that for a good while.

“Stupid”, said Dōa and swallowed. “Isaku’s not ‘putting up’. It’s just the way it is.”

Rin looked away. She let out a shallow breath and quietly said: “I’m sorry.”

Because it had been a long month.