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Title: Hard Things
Fandom: Blade of the Immortal
Rating: PG
Warnings: Uh. References to somewhat brutal canon happenings?
Prompt: 143) I hadn't been aware that there were doors closed to me until I started knocking on them. -- Gertrude B. Elion, American biochemist, pharmacologist and winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Medicine (with George Hitchings and Sir James Black).
Summary: After all is said and done, Asano Rin is met with a proposition.
Author's Notes: MANY, MANY THANKS to the wonderful [personal profile] senri, who's been patient in letting me bounce ideas off her and even letting me borrow some of her own; and to my beta [profile] tanrien, who has been there in the nick of time. I didn't really use the prompt, but it fits in a general way. Entirely speculative post-eventual-canon fic.

Sometimes you're caught between a rock and a hard place. )

Icon Post!

Aug. 12th, 2010 05:13 pm
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Because I can. I've been making icons a lot lately, and I've started using a new style as per the lovely tutorial found on [profile] momoizumu. Mostly Rin again, with a few Anotsus -- but not too many because I still have to tinker with him and his color scheme -- and some Manjis in the old style. Slight spoilers for prison arc, I guess? And err. Slightly foul language in one icon. May crosspost.

She's the kinda girl who gets her slings and arrows from the dumpster )
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So today I got my grad for my Modern Asia exam! It's a 2,7. For you Americans out there, that's between a B and a C, leaning toward the C. Not the best grade ever, but pretty damn good considering I wasn't even sure I was going to pass that one... and even more considering how much I studied for it (basically not at all).

Also sent in my app for Anotsu Kagehisa at [community profile] paradisa and awaiting the verdict. Excitement, excitement! He's so... new to me, and not at all the type of character I've been playing for... a good long while! Kira might come the closest, but Kira is a troll. (I kinda miss him, though.)
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Dear approxiately anyone on the web,

could you stop it with the animated ads? They're irritating, and they're guaranteed to make me NOT want to buy your product ever. Also, I may refuse to stay on and/or revisit websites if there are animated ads that Adblock can't remove on it. GMX is an exception because I don't usually stay there long. But if I want to view a webpage for a prolonged amount of time? Yeah, no dice.

You see how this is Not Actually Profitable?

No thanks,
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If my uni's online portal isn't having a hiccup or anyhting, then it looks like... I have a straight A in Japanese.

Hoooly shit. Idk how I did that. But apparently I did?

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Strange happenings these days:

On Monday morning, I decided to go home from uni by tram (I usually go by bus). The tram station borders a small square. On this square, there was a block of beton, on which a man was walking. It looked sort of as if there was a treadmill installed on the top of the block. It caught quite a bit of attention. Some people even asked the man how he got up there, but he ignored them. Another guy was circling the block with the man on it on his bicycle and filming it. I wonder if he did that just because or whether that was his task. The whole thing seemed like some artsy Performance/Happening thing. I thought about asking, but then my tram came.

Yesterday morning, in the bus I took to uni, there was a spider. A teeny, tiny spider that spun its threads in front of me. The weird thing was that it seemed to be hanging by a string, but on the other hand, it was crawling like everywhere! And none of its threads were visible, so it looked like it was just crawling through the air.

Then I had communications class. Backstory: recently, we had to write up a gossipy dialogue for homework. Not able to think of anything else, I wrote about whether Lady Gaga is really a man. Well, so in this class, we were doing comparisons, and as an example for "man who looks like a woman", the teacher showed us a Lady Gaga picture. Then she mentioned that another student had written this in her gossipy dialogue. Apparently, we confused her. The other "man who looks like a woman" example, by the way, was Gackt.

Then today, I got a mail from Takagi bookstore in Düsseldorf, saying that the Japanese volume 26 of BotI just came in, and whether I was interested. I wrote back that OF COURSE I AM INTERESTED, and now they're keeping it for me. ♥ It's just oddly sweet that they'd still remember a customer from over a year ago. And thus: trip to Düsseldorf in the near future! Yay!


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