Jan. 9th, 2011

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Sooo people on plurk requested that I post some recipes, because I randomly did a plurk about my Cooking Repertoire For The Lazy Single Student. What this meant is stuff that I, a fundamentally lazy student who most often cooks for only herself, regularly make. Other criteria were that it was cooked food and that it was largely homemade, because while I am not the most healthily eating person on the planet, I do make an effort to make my own food as often as possible, as opposed to, say, largely living off take-out and frozen pizza, to paint in large brushstrokes.

Let it be said that I come from a household with... sort of rustic cooking. Basically, our opinion is that everything is better with a good helping of butter in it. I can't seem to divorce that line of thought entirely, so "these recipes will totally help you lose weight!" isn't happening here. What they are is good recipes that are relatively easy to assemble and mostly vegetable-based. I think they can probably be made vegan with little effort. So, on to the recipes! Just two of several more, of course.

Both of these are meant to serve one person (though they may serve twice), so if you have more eaters, adjust accordingly.

The first was requested by [personal profile] homgsekrit. Here, for you:

Fried zucchini in sauce with rice )

Next, another very basic, traditional recipe:

Kohlrabi in white sauce with fried potatoes )

Bon app├ętit!


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