Jan. 4th, 2011

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This year, I was just slightly more active than usually at Yuletide. I wrote two fics -- my assigned fics and two short treats. It was a good experience, all in all! I actually had a lot of fun writing these, more so than in the past years that I participated in Yuletide, to be honest. I also got my fic in on time. I tried to write fic that's respectful in terms of gender and race, and also fun, and I hope I somewhat succeeded.

Title: Candlelight!
Fandom: K-ON!
Characters: Tainaka Ritsu, Akiyama Mio, Kotobuki Tsumugi, Hirasawa Yui
Pairings: Kotobuki Tsumugi/OC
Rating: G
Word Count: 4388
Author's Notes: I somewhat recently read about how Japanese female mainstream musicians (we're talking Hamasaki Ayumi et al here) use their lyrics to express criticism of society and create a kind of female space, and that stuck with me. When I was assigned K-ON! for Yuletide, it pretty much immediately sprung to my mind to do something with that. I also read that young Japanese women still have to deal with sexism at the workplace, so both of those things sort of clicked and produced this.

Don't Blow Out The Light! )

Title: Stories Thought and Sung
Fandom: Blade of the Immortal
Characters: Yoshino Dōa, Asano Rin
Rating: G
Word Count: 348
Author's Notes: I... feel like this is WAY too short, which it is because I wrote it on 12/24 and, as such, did not have much time to expand on it. Dōa is so interesting to write about; her conflict and definition of self, identity and the idea of "home" especially. Since I mentioned the bullying we know she received from the other kids in her village, that line about her mother was important to me, to sort of counterweight that characterization.

The night before they enter Edo Castle, Dōa thinks of Kuichiru )

Title: Good Boy
Fandom: Blade of the Immortal
Characters: Asano Rin, Hyakurin, Magatsu Taito
Rating: G
Word Count: 218
Author's Notes: Now, this? This was just pure fun. Magatsu just lends himself so easily to topping and trolling.

Hyakurin is amazing. )


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